Our Systems

IT and Security Systems

Telecommunications & IT facilities

Initiating from a powerful fiber-optic cable and customized ring network, DAC's telecom system provides phone, VoIP, wireless and networked Internet throughout the facility, along with video conferencing and telemedicine capabilities. The system also provides radio communications and aviation support, as well as weather and ice forecasting and advanced communications support. Offering enormous bandwidth capacity, the DAC telecom system is capable of serving multiple tenants with unique IT support requirements. The system is designed with flexible routing to accommodate varying physical space needs and wiring layouts, as well as the addition of secure third-party equipment. Publicly distributed wireless access points (WiFi) are located throughout the facility offering tenants both public and secure network access.

Careful consideration has been taken to maintain secure access and control of all systems to satisfy multiple tenant requirements from a single source. DAC has the capability to add a scalable online UPS system to provide consistent power and communication support in the event of an extended power outage.

In addition to providing hosted telecom services, the Deadhorse Aviation Center provides ample bandwidth and power to meet each tenant's unique telephone and data requirements. Cell phone usage is enhanced by signal boosters located throughout the building to ensure reliable cell phone service.

Building Security

DAC features the latest in advanced security technology featuring an integrated card reader and camera system, allowing for maximum security at each high-risk Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) within the terminal, as well as all lower interior security doors. Security cards can be coded for access to both minimum- and maximum-security areas.