Meeting the Present and Future Demands
of Alaska's North Slope

Aerial view of the Deadhorse Aviation Center

A new level of transportation and logistics support

Fairweather, LLC, Alaska's leading provider of remote medical, meteorological and expediting services, has strategically designed Deadhorse Aviation Center (DAC) to provide oil companies and their suppliers with a safe and efficient aviation command center to successfully manage onshore operations and Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) exploration and production activities on the Arctic Ocean and Beaufort Sea. Located at the FAA-approved Deadhorse Airport, DAC offers secure access to the taxiway and runway, as well as access roads and the ocean.

Our Clients

Since opening in the summer of 2012, Deadhorse Aviation Center has served the aviation and logistics needs of key North Slope operators and U.S. government entities including

Demand has remained high for DAC's hangar, terminal, and cargo-handling services. The 25-acre aviation and equipment staging/storage yard is filling up, as are office spaces. DAC continues to offer accommodations for sleeping when available.

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