Deadhorse Aviation Center (DAC) offers an abundance of FBO and aviation support services not found anywhere else on the North Slope – all focused on health, safety and security in a single facility.

Expediting and logistics

Efficient expediting and logistics services are critical to operations on the North Slope where everything comes and goes by plane, truck or boat. Fairweather’s superior expediting and logistics services are available at DAC to customers operating at the North Slope and beyond. No matter how remote the location, Fairweather has the capability and experience to ensure that personnel, supplies and equipment arrive safely and on time. Fairweather’s staff is expertly trained to determine a customer’s exact needs and provide the most cost-effective solutions. Expediting services include creating schedules and manifests for charter aircraft, managing passenger and freight movement, vehicle and equipment leasing, and other specific logistics support services as determined.

Ground transportation

DAC offers ground transportation to DAC clients who need transport within Deadhorse and to and from drilling sites. Fairweather has a fleet of buses and SUVs ready to facilitate these transportation needs.

Conference facilities

Fully appointed conference rooms are equipped with advanced video conferencing technology. These rooms can be utilized for long-distance face-to-face conferences, remote training and crew-change meetings. The facilities are available to DAC tenants on a short- or long-term basis.

Cargo handling and storage

A secure area is available at DAC for the transporting and storing of cargo. The facility is fully compliant with all DOT security requirements. Forklifts and other cargo handling equipment are available to assist in the moving, loading and offloading of items.

Radio frequency identification

Radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking will soon be available to track all cargo movement to and from DAC.


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