Accommodations for up to 48 persons are available for leasing tenants’ staff and transient personnel, as well as Fairweather DAC employees. Amenities include private baths and satellite TV, along with a 60-seat dining facility, exercise room, laundry room and common areas. Additional facilities include private office suites, training and meeting rooms. A cutting-edge telecom system provides phone, high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi, VoIP and video conferencing. Fairweather also provides ground transportation for personnel, as well as equipment rental to include vehicles, forklifts, survival suits and other marine and offshore gear.
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  • Accommodations for up to 48 tenants and Fairweather staff with private baths and satellite TV
  • Private office suites, conference and training facilities
  • High speed Internet, video conferencing and VoIP
  • Spacious common areas, exercise room and laundry room
  • Full kitchen and dining facilities with 60-person seating
  • Rental of vehicles, forklifts, survival suits and marine and offshore gear
  • Ground transportation to and from Alaska Airlines Terminal

Housing Request
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